Amazing Grace

Photo credit: Lost Albatross via / CC BY-ND

When coincidence and serendipity meet good things happen. According to the dictionary, coincidence is a remarkable occurrence of events without an apparent causal connection. Serendipity one ups coincidence because it adds happiness to the equation.

I remember one such meeting when I was in my teens. I was a regular at the Rollercade Skating Rink on Dennison Avenue. It had live Wurlitzer organ music that you could skate to or if you were really good – dance to.

Every Saturday afternoon most of the kids from the neighborhood went to skate. Sometimes we were lucky enough to win some free tickets for admission. None of us owned skates so we had to rent them.

I often wondered how many people had these skates on before me. But I didn’t care. They had four wheels and a stopper and I loved them.

Skating is truly an art form; it’s like ice dancing on wheels. In this particular rink, you could skate along the outside of the center oval. If you were really good you could skate / dance inside the oval. Skaters inside the oval could waltz, foxtrot and flea hop.

Since I thought I was pretty good, I would skate inside the oval showing off a little here and there. Until one day a young woman showed up to dance with her partner. Anyone watching her skate knew that she was an angel on wheels.

From her beautifully pleated skating skirt and her blinding white skates to her elegant moves, she was everything I wanted to be in a skater. I was too intimidated to talk to her let alone skate in the oval with her. So I sat and watched her for hours.

Who was she I wondered?

Well it didn’t take long before I found out.

One day I went to visit my Aunt Mary, and as was my habit,  I burst into the kitchen with my usual enthusiasm only to find the skating angel sitting at the kitchen table writing a letter to her boyfriend.

I was dumbfounded and that confused my aunt because I am never at a loss for words. My aunt Mary introduced me to her friend Grace.

I never thought I’d meet her let alone find her in my aunt’s kitchen. I told her how much I loved to watch her skate. She was very modest and kind as I complimented her skating, her clothes, and her skates.

A few days later my aunt gave me some skating skirts that Grace sent over. They were beautiful. I just knew that if I wore these skirts to skate in, I would be able to skate almost as well as she did.

I met her again several months later as she was a bride’s maid in my aunt’s wedding. She seemed to float down the aisle of the church. For a second I wondered if she was wearing a pair skates under that floor length gown. No, I thought, it was probably just my imagination.

A few years later, I grew up and got married and moved back to the neighborhood. I often wondered whatever happened to Grace. Well I didn’t have to wonder for very long because it turned out that she was my neighbor. We became best friends and so did our husbands. We raised our children together and we taught them how to skate.


One thought on “Amazing Grace

  1. Love this one…. And you are right Mrs. Rock was like a movie star. Growing up I always thought she was a celebrity she was “dressed to the nines” all the time…

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