You’ve Got Mail….

Photo credit: maf04 via / CC BY-SA

In this fast-paced world of texts, Instagram’s, and emails, getting a hand written note is a rarity these days. With the exception of special events (graduations, weddings, communions etc ) most good wishes and greetings have gone digital.

And that would be very convenient especially for someone like me who’s usually late when it comes to sending out birthday cards to my children and grandchildren – except I haven’t a hot clue how to do any of these digital things. (This blog is the extent of my technological abilities.)

Birthday wishes are always preceded by a phone call and my signature closing – “Happy Birthday, I love you and the card is in the mail.” Generally I’m never late by more than a week. Late birthday greetings have become my signature and an inside joke among my children.

My children and grandchildren however prefer to deliver their cards in person if they can. They like to see my reaction to the cards they’ve selected especially the funny ones. Those make me laugh while the sentimental ones make me cry.

Just the other day, a week before Valentine’s Day, I had a very special and mysterious delivery of a series of cards during a visit with my youngest granddaughter Cameron. She stopped by for her weekly visit.

I swear she’s seven going on 27. I’ve never met anyone like her. The things she says are very wise and mature her age. Her sense of humor is that of an observational comedian commenting on the obvious in a way that always gives me pause and a chuckle. I wish I could give you a good example – and I should start writing these things down because they really are special. And yes I am a proud grandmother.

During our conversation she held up her hand and claimed to hear a knock on the door. She jumped up and went to the door and retrieved a card with my name, “Louise” on it.

She handed it to me. I opened it and it said, “Happy Valentine’s Day from your secret admirer.”

Cameron was excited and teased me about having a secret admirer. And I told her I never had a secret admirer except for my husband, her papa. And there was nothing secretive about him. He always wore his heart on his sleeve.

Two Valentine’s Days have come and gone since my not so secretive admirer passed away – two years since I last received a box of chocolate covered cherries and a Valentine signed – Love JB.

So I was surprised by the card and the effort. But I wrote it off as a gesture from one of my sons.

Cameron was also very close to her grandfather “papa”, who always left a big impression on people that extends beyond his life.

And since he’s no longer here and in an effort to keep him close, she likes to ask questions about him.

“Nonna, what did you used to call papa? She asked as we sat on the couch.

“Well, sometimes I called him Seamus if he was being funny, and sometimes I called him Goofy Jimmy if he was being silly. But my favorite name for him was always J.B.”

Soon there was a second “knock” on the door. Did I mention that my granddaughter’s super power is infra-sound hearing or the ability to hear sounds below the normal hearing range?

She was back in a flash with a second card from my secret admirer in hand. She was quite impressed with the fact that I now had two cards. And she speculated on whether or not it was one or possibly two secret admirers. There was no way she could tell.

Shortly thereafter excused herself so she could cross the complex to go and visit her great aunt, Ann, my sister in law. She hadn’t been gone long before she returned to have some pasta and meatballs. She paused in between bites to announce yet a third knock on the door.

She promptly returned with a third card that read: Dear Louise, Happy Valentine’s Day from your secret admirer. Love JB

I had to wonder. Was Cameron the author or the just the messenger? Did her super power enable her to hear someone whispering to her and telling her what to do?

I’d like to think so. And JB if you’re listening – PS I love you.


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