And She’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

Photo credit: fo.ol via / CC BY-SA

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about Baby’s First Christmas. Well that baby quickly grew up and wanted to learn how to drive. And so she took lessons after school, got her learner’s permit, and tried to practice as much as possible before taking her driving test.

One Sunday my husband, who I should add isn’t the most patient man, offered to take her driving in Sears’s parking lot. Back in those days, the stores were closed on Sundays so there was no danger of her hitting anyone or anything.

My daughter,  is a lot like her father in lots of ways including her lack of patience and Irish temper. But who could blame her as she’s a redhead, the oldest of seven and just likes to get things “done.”

I wasn’t sure how this combustible mix of personalities was going to work out especially without me there to referee. But you have to let them go sometime  and trust they will do the right thing – I mean my husband and not my daughter.

Now mind you, I wasn’t there so no one really knows the truth,  but from what I gather my husband didn’t like the way my daughter was driving. Or my daughter didn’t like the way my husband was supervising. In any case, my husband wanted to take over the wheel.

So he got out of the car and walked around the back of it, expecting my daughter to slide over so he could show her how it was “done.”

Unfortunately, he never got the chance. Just as soon as he closed the passenger door and walked to the rear of the car, my daughter took off leaving her father stranded in Sears’s parking lot. The Sears store was several miles away and there were no cell phones back in those days.

Naturally when she pulled into the driveway without him I could only guess what happened.  And so I went into rescue mode and told her to go and stay at her grandmother’s and not to  come home until I called her.

I then went and picked up my husband who had managed to cool down enough to even laugh about it on the ride back. It will be a long time be for she sees these again, and he jingled  his set of car keys. She had fun, fun, fun till her daddy took the T-bird away. 


2 thoughts on “And She’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…

  1. This story is too cool. I can see Mr. Mulgrew just sitting there fuming when he realized she wasn’t coming back! I assume this is Cathy? I can see the boys doing this but not sweet Cathy! That makes the whole story just unbelievably crazy!! Lol


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