Hello Jesus…


It’s me, your friend Tony. I wanted to thank you for all of the times you were there for me. Even though I couldn’t see you, I could always feel your presence. You never left me. And believe me there were times when I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

You always believed in me. The problem was I never believed in myself. You knew there was hope for me but I never realized it until it was almost too late.

You see there were lots of near misses and different roads that were often dead ends but each was like the piece of a puzzle – the puzzle of my life. Sometimes the pieces fit and other times not. And for as much as I like to think I was putting all of the pieces in place, it was really You. You were in charge of creating the big picture.

I, in turn, made my own painting  of You with Mother Theresa, and Padre Pio. It always accompanied me wherever I went, either folded up in my pocket or in a frame at “home” – wherever home was.

The picture only represents the story for me. The reality is You are my friend. You shared that bumpy road of life with me – the ups and downs. Some beautiful places some not.

In the end you taught me how to love. “Love one another as I have loved you.” You said.  And so I did.   And it was on the wave of that love that you called me home. I heard your voice that fateful day in April 1985 when you called my name.

“Here I am, Jesus, ” I said.

“Hello Tony, this is your friend Jesus.” You said. “It’s time to come home.”

There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by when I don’t think of  my brother Tony. The picture he drew is in my kitchen. It keeps me company. It reminds me that even on my worst day I have a friend watching over me, helping move to move those puzzle pieces into place into a beautiful big picture. Hello Tony, it’s me – Louisa


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