The Shoe Is on the Other Foot

Photo credit: Hello Turkey Toe via / CC BY

Some weeks ago I wrote a post called the Shoes Off of His Feet. In brief, it was a story about how my son gave away his father’s best pair of shoes to a homeless man.

Fast forward, a couple of generations later, and I’m happy to report that the tradition of kindness continues in our family. My grandson, Pat who lives out of state, called me the other day to chat and he told me this story.

While stopped at a traffic light he saw a man who was poorly clothed for the cold weather. And to complicate his plight, he had only one shoe. What happened to the missing shoe, only one can imagine.

My grandson rolled down his window and asked the man what size shoe he wore. The man responded size 10. As luck would have it, my grandson had the same shoe size. And so he took off his left shoe and handed to the man and drove off.

He drove about half a mile before realizing that he should have given the man both shoes – a matched pair. So he drove back to where he last saw the man but he was gone.

Naturally my first question when he told me the story was why didn’t he give the man both shoes? But I guess in the heat (or in this case the cold) of the moment he reacted instinctively to help someone as best he could.

Somewhere in Charlotte, North Carolina there’s a poor man running around with mismatched shoes but warm feet.

As for my grandson, the shoe is literally now on someone else’s other foot.

As you’ve seen from some of these stories – what my family sometimes lacks in logic they make up for in kindness.


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