In Mom We Trust…

Photo credit: szpako via / CC BY-NC-SA

I’ve always encouraged my children to use their heads and make good choices.  I trusted them and they rarely disappointed me.

I used to keep ten single dollar bills underneath a dish in the cupboard.  And I always told the kids; take only what you need because someone else might need the money too. Never take more than you need was my advice.

They used the money to put gas in their cars, buy treats, or pay for some school supplies.

Guido was especially good at following that rule. He only put enough gas in his car, a used Karmann Ghia, to get him to and from school. Some days he made his way home on fumes as he rolled into his usual curb spot in front of our house.

One night someone stole his car. But the thief only got as far as the bottom of the street before the car ran out of gas and he abandoned the car.  Luckily for Guido he took my advice and only spent what he thought he needed on gas – he could have filled the gas tank but he didn’t.

In the meantime the would-be thief tried to take more than he needed and didn’t get very far.

Danny Thomas once said, “There are two kinds of people in the world: takers and givers. Takers may eat better but the givers sleep better.”


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