The Shoes Off of His Feet

Photo credit: Fouquier ॐ via / CC BY-NC

My children inherited the same kindness and sensitivity gene as their father.  Some people give the shirt off of their back; Guido once gave the shoes off of his father’s feet. But luckily his dad wasn’t wearing them at the time.

Jim had two pairs of shoes.  The shoes he wore every day to work with pieces of cardboard covering the holes in the soles.  And second pair he wore to church, weddings and funerals. The good shoes.

One bitterly cold November day, Guido came home from school quite concerned.  There was an old man at the bus stop.  He had no socks and his shoes were falling off of his feet.

Knowing that there was a perfectly good pair of shoes just sitting in the closet, Guido decided to give them to the old man.  And so he grabbed the shoes and a pair of socks from the laundry basket and ran back to the bus stop to give them to the poor soul.

The old man thanked my eleven year old son before he boarded the 26 bus heading west taking the shoes with him.

Well everything was fine until Sunday morning rolled around and we all got up for church.

“Louise,” my husband yelled, “Where are my good shoes?”

“In the closet where you always leave them,” I responded.

“No they’re not.”

That’s when Guido piped up and proudly informed us that he gave the shoes away.

I could feel Jim’s blood pressure rise a notch or two.  But what could he do?  In his heart he knew he would have done exactly the same thing.

After all the only souls that mattered to him weren’t on his shoes.


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