The All-Inclusive Vacation

Photo credit: via / CC BY

I saw this television commercial the other day for a ritzy all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean where everything was included. And I had gotten to thinking about the popularity of such places. Back when my children were little, the term all-inclusive meant a full cooler in the trunk of the car and a trip to the local theme park.

Of course when I was growing up, an all-inclusive vacation meant something else entirely. It was a euphemism meant for children or polite company. This all-inclusive vacation included clothing, food, phone calls, a double room unless you felt the need for a solitary space and your privacy. You could learn a trade and meet “friends” that could be useful when it came to networking.

There were more than a few people in the neighborhood who went “away” to these all-inclusive places. And I’ve known my fair share of them. And they all came back with stories. Those stories were carefully passed on to a select group of listeners with only one rule – No names!


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