Photo credit: ClaraDon via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Long before there was this popular and iconic phrase found in TV and on T-shirts there was an even better phrase created by my best friend Nene.

Nene and I grew up together and we were inseparable.  Nothing bothered Nene…if she didn’t like the job, she changed it.  If her parents yelled at her for breaking curfew she’d smile and shrug.  Later in life she faced several health setbacks with the same calmness.

I should explain that Nene was a name we called each other – it was our shared code.

“Hey Nene, what do you want to do today?” I’d ask?

“I don’t know Nene, what do you want to do? She’d reply.

I was thinking about Nene the other day as I walked through the neighborhood during The Feast.

As I passed the houses of friends and family past – I could see their faces as if watching a slow motion movie. Some were waving, others were smiling and others just nodded in recognition.  Talk about watching your life pass before your eyes.

I once had a near death experience and I can say with confidence that that expression is true. Your life does pass before your eyes.

And as I’m here with you today, all I can say is that God pushed the play button on my life and the story continues.  I think my mission is to share these stories with you.

And that’s why I wanted to tell you about Nene, to share her words of wisdom.  Her version of “fuggedaboutit” is what helps me get through some of my more challenging moments.

It’s also a phrase I have shared with my children, my family, and my friends when they come to me with small problems that will eventually resolve themselves given time and detachment.

And that phrase is, “Whaddyagonnado, Nene?  Whaddyagonnado?” (What are you going to do?)

And I’d respond with a shrug of my shoulders – usually there was nothing to be done.

It’s that kind of philosophy that leaves everything up to God.  A God who pushes the play, pause or stop buttons in our lives.



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