No Such Thing As The Perfect Crime

Photo credit: massless via Remodel / CC BY

Fast forward 30 years later and I have my own jailhouse experience with my own two sons.  Away at college, they found themselves in a minor scuffle with the football team during the wee hours of the morning.

The campus police hauled them and the team into jail and then into night court where they stood before a weary local judge.  My two sons chose to defend themselves which makes me think of the old expression “that any lawyer who defends himself, has a fool for a client.”

However, they must have been successful because neither I, nor their father, had heard about it until several months later.  No late night call for bail money, no time served and nothing other than a mention in the local campus newspaper’s police blotter.

The perfect crime, or so they thought.

Until the holiday break when my husband happened to run into a woman whose son attended the same college. She was happy to share the news with their father.  His  sons were famous – or infamous.  And they made the school paper.

My husband listened with great interest and affected an air of gravity. “Yes, yes, this was very serious.”  Of course he knew all about it. Tut tut… He kept his cool.

A week later, during the Thanksgiving prayer, my husband prayed…”And lead Guido and Vido not into temptation and deliver them from drinking. Amen.”

In the words of my sons – “Busted!”


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